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More about the "Hot Air Balloon Club" being one of the $100,000 winners! Jim Reed and Cory Olson are two of the advisors of the group of students who have manned each launch of balloons with payloads into the atmosphere. If you haven't had a chance to see the photo's that have been obtained from the launch and flights you need to check the photos out at our website. Take the time to learn what this awesome group has accomplished. 

What is FMS going to do with the spoils? Samsung created a pool of products from which they had to choose. Products included the Chromebooks and Samsung Note 10.1 products that they choose as a part of the new resources for students and teachers at FMS. Teachers responded to a survey and were asked their preferences for products to use with FMS students. Mobility was the key response from teaching staff. The ability to use devices in their classrooms with students in both group activities and as individuals.

Samsung has provided an opportunity for ISD 181 to have an "Electronic Recycling Day" to be announced at a later date. We have been granted a dedicated school support contact directly from Samsung. On-site product training and maintenance (1 visit per year for 3 years). Online training called "SPOT" (Samsung Personal Online Training) AND all devices all have extended 3 year warranties.

Products include 140 Chromebooks that will be housed in 4 carts and 108 Samsung Note 10.1 tablets with stylus' that will be housed in 3 carts. Several laptops, monitors and displays were also provided by Samsung.

A group of teachers and administration are working on what the training and process will look like for teachers using the new devices. The tablet is a very powerful tool, but one that not many of know much about yet in an educational arena. It will be a challenge to get enough training for FMS teachers to feel comfortable come fall to have these devices in their rooms on a regular basis. The integration of mobile devices is going to be exciting and challenging at the same time. Training will be one of the keys to success!

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